Startup Marketing – eBook and Audio Download

Startup Marketing is a great resource for anyone in the startup phase of their business. If you’re wanting to launch and not sure what to do, this book is for you.


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Here's what people are saying about the book Startup Marketing.

Packed with engaging real-life stories from startup entrepreneurs, this book is a must-read for anyone in the early phase of a business. Ryan Murray has seen it all when it comes to business plans and marketing efforts - and brings you an easy-to-execute roadmap that will work.

Joe Abraham - founder of BOSI Global and author of Entrepreneurial DNA

As a person who spent 20 years in the franchising world, supporting new franchisees as they opened and grew their new small businesses, I wish this book would have been published so I could have recommended it to many of them. A typical entrepreneur has the tendency to think they sometimes 'know a better way' even when they purchased a proven franchise model to follow. Many of those who 'went rogue', and didn't follow the plan, failed. The franchising model was not at fault. I just wish I could have pointed them to another voice, who was preaching the same gospel, and perhaps those who failed would have listened and succeeded.

Maggie Cooper – former franchise executive

There are a few simple truths that are the basis for all discovery or knowledge. The cell phone, electricity, atomic energy all come from people organizing these simple truths. Ryan Murray has done this for marketing. His simple yet profound organization of marketing truths, give the reader a step ahead of the normal marketing training, opening the door for the successful launch or their product or service.

Wendy J English – business coach and creator of The Power Personality

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