Switching Your Career

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You've finally identified your dream job—in another industry or profession. How do you get that job and stand out from candidates with more experience? The secret to successfully switching careers lies in identifying your transferrable skills and creating personal and professional personas that work in your new industry. Dr. Dawn Graham, author of Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success, explains why the same old job-hunting rules don’t apply when you’re making a career change. You need to be able to convince employers you can make the leap to a new role or industry. To help, Dr. Dawn provides insider information from a hiring manager’s point of view and illuminates the psychological principles that underlie the job search process. She also provides tips for rebranding yourself and nailing the interview by turning tough questions to your advantage. Get ready to make the switch with these smart, actionable tips.
Content Type: Course
Mode: Virtual
Style: Self-paced
Leader: Dawn Graham
Time Commitment: 1 Hour
Level: Beginner
Credit: Certificate of Completion
Details: 5 Chapters, 20 Videos
Requirments: Computer, Internet Connection
Venue: Online
Language: English


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